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Ep 29: More on Continuing Education

This is a short follow up podcast on continuing education. It’s so important as a VA to keep up to date with latest trends in tech so you can help your clients and keep ahead of the game.


Conferences to consider:


Australian VA Conference


(Image Credit: Jeshu John)


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Ep17: AVAC 2014: 15 Key Takeaways

On 14 and 15 March 2014, Australian Virtual Assistants gathered for the Australian VA  Conference at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. I thought I’d share the 15 key takeaways for me from the conference!

My number 1 takeaway probably gives away my age and stage of life really! LOL!

What were your takeaways? Add them to the comments below!

(My first podcast using Audacity …. I may have a bit more learning to do!)


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Ep2: VA Coaching Club and OIVAC

We welcome Kathie Thomas of www.vacoachingclub.com and Sharon Williams of www.oiavc.com who share there thoughts on continuing education and some great resources for online learning. (Continuation from Episode 1)


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Ep1: Importance of Continuing Education

Education and training is so important for small business owners and sole operators – yet it’s one aspect that many business owners let go. But it’s also one area they shouldn’t overlook.


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