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Ep 29: More on Continuing Education

This is a short follow up podcast on continuing education. It’s so important as a VA to keep up to date with latest trends in tech so you can help your clients and keep ahead of the game.


Conferences to consider:


Australian VA Conference


(Image Credit: Jeshu John)


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Ep17: AVAC 2014: 15 Key Takeaways

On 14 and 15 March 2014, Australian Virtual Assistants gathered for the Australian VA  Conference at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. I thought I’d share the 15 key takeaways for me from the conference!

My number 1 takeaway probably gives away my age and stage of life really! LOL!

What were your takeaways? Add them to the comments below!

(My first podcast using Audacity …. I may have a bit more learning to do!)


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