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Ep16: Knowing When to Leave


Sometimes VA/Client relationships don’t work out. You need to know when things are heading south and that it’s okay to leave.

Ep15: What Do I Charge?


One of the biggest issues facing new VAs – and even an issue that comes up from time to time for existing VAs and anyone in business – is what do I charge? New VAs usually start out by doing a bit of market research, checking out what other VAs are charging and then go from there. But there are a few key things to bear in mind that will impact on the rate you charge.

Ep12: Today’s VA Magazine


On this show I talk to Renee Chapman from the Admin Chick who, on 12 July 2011, launched an Australian-first: Today’s VA magazine! Renee is an inspiration to all newbie VAs – having only been in business for a year she saw a need and filled it! Today’s VA is the quarterly magazine for the Australian VA Industry, and at just $5.50 per edition it’s great value.

Visit: http://www.theadminchick.com.au and follow the links to subscribe.

Ep11: Multi-VA Practices


Lots of virtual assistants are starting up team pages on their sites where they show the members of their “virtual team”. This is often referred to as the Multi-VA Practice. But could these VAs be opening themselves up to tax and oncost problems down the track? And what about the members of these ‘teams’? Turns out … potentially.

Tools referred to in the podcast:

The ATO’s Employee/Contractor Decision Tool

The ATO’s Superannuation Guarantee Eligibility Tool

Ep4: 5 Tips for Starting Your VA Practice


One of the most frequent questions I’m asked by newbie VAs is how to get started. In this first part of a 4-part series I’ll share my top 5 tips to start your VA practice.