Most people don't get started because of fear

Ep 34: How I Got Started

Recently a question was asked on a group I belong to, “What’s your reason for not starting your business?” The primary reason for most people not getting started was fear: of failure; not being successful; not being good enough.

Here I share how I started my business back in February 2000 in the hope it will help others get the courage they need. Back then, VAs really were a completely novel concept here (especially in Queensland) (and not confused with offshore call centres), when we didn’t have 99% of the apps and technologies available today, and when we were operating on dial up internet. {gasp!}



Some of the organisations I mention in the podcast no longer exist. Here’s one to consider joining:

VA Directory (A Claytons Secretary) – including VA Trainer

VA Classroom – if you’re after specific training

Podcast: Five Tips for Starting Your VA Practice


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  1. Samantha Walsh says:

    I am in process of starting my business but am stuck with what to package together and what to charge. Hoping to subcontract for a while first to ease into it.

    • LynPB says:

      Thanks for your comment Samantha! Have a look at the Show Archives – Ep 15 – What Do I Charge can help … note this is an older podcast but might give you a bit of a starting point.

  2. This is excellent Lyn, thanks for sharing. So many good points and ones that so many aspiring VAs need to hear.

  3. Warwick Merry says:

    Great show. Fabulous to hear how you got started and I truly love the music for your intro and outro!!

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