Most people don't get started because of fear

Ep 34: How I Got Started


Recently a question was asked on a group I belong to, “What’s your reason for not starting your business?” The primary reason for most people not getting started was fear: of failure; not being successful; not being good enough.

Here I share how I started my business back in February 2000 in the hope it will help others get the courage they need. Back then, VAs really were a completely novel concept here (especially in Queensland) (and not confused with offshore call centres), when we didn’t have 99% of the apps and technologies available today, and when we were operating on dial up internet. {gasp!}



Some of the organisations I mention in the podcast no longer exist. Here’s one to consider joining:

VA Directory (A Claytons Secretary) – including VA Trainer

VA Classroom – if you’re after specific training

Podcast: Five Tips for Starting Your VA Practice




  1. This is excellent Lyn, thanks for sharing. So many good points and ones that so many aspiring VAs need to hear.

  2. Warwick Merry says:

    Great show. Fabulous to hear how you got started and I truly love the music for your intro and outro!!

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